How do I connect to OpenVPN (Access) Server from a Mac?

To connect to OpenVPN Access Server using the Connect Client you will need to navigate to the Connect Client for your particular access server. The url is


Once you are on the main page of the Connect Client you can go ahead and login with your user credentials:

Mac OpenVPN 2


After entering your credentials you will be asked to download the installer:

Mac OpenVPN 3

After downloading and running the installer you will be prompted to continue with the installation:

Mac OpenVPN 4

After clicking "Continue" you will be asked to agree to our licensing terms:

Mac OpenVPN 5

After agreeing to our licensing terms it will ask you where you want to install the software:

Mac OpenVPN 6

After selecting the disk to install too you will need to enter your user credentials:

Mac OpenVPN 7

After entering your credentials the installation will continue. After the installation has completed you will see the following screen, click close:

Mac OpenVPN 8

You will now be brought back to the browser and the client will begin connecting:


Mac OpenVPN 9


After the connection has succeeded you will have a status windows and your tray icon will turn green:

Mac OpenVPN 11

You are now connected to the VPN.

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